Coordinated Services


We can help you determine what services Medicare will cover and get you to the best companies that provide those services. 

Care Management

Horizon Care Services can direct you to a specialized Care Management Specialist who can create a customized care plan for your loved one. 

Hospice Care

Have to decide to acquire hospice care can be an emotionally taxing process.  We can take away some of the burden by guiding you to find the finest quality hospice care.

Home Therapy Service

Getting on the road to recovery as fast as possible is of utmost importance.  Our staff has an amazing database of medical professionals that provide the very best home therapy services!

Elder Law Attorney

Are you legal affairs in order?  The older we get, the more legal issues there are to consider.  Ask us to recommend an Elder Law Attorney you can trust. 

Assisted Living Placement

When you are seeking an Assisted Living facility, you can greatly benefit from our recommendations.  We’ve worked with dozens of facilities and can steer you towards the best!

Nursing Home Placement

There are so may nursing homes in the marketplace.  We can sort through the options in order to find the perfect match for your needs. 

Durable Medical Equipment

Knowing what kind of hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, or any specialty medical equipment you need can be overwhelming.  We take out the guesswork and get you exactly what you need, when you need it, and where it needs to be!

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We are dedicated to providing quality senior adult care assisted services throughout South Florida. Horizon Care Services is South Florida’s leading provider of nursing in-home care.

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