Planning Ahead for Long Term Care

Maintaining Activities of Daily Living

It’s not uncommon to start questioning about aging.  Where you will live when you start to need help.  Not just with minor aspects of getting around, but potentially needing a live-in caregiver to help with the very basics of maintaining ADLs, or Activities of Daily Living.  Don’t wait for your children to ask these questions.  It’s a very healthy discussion to open with your children.  They will have valuable input, but ultimately any decisions about your long-term care should be your decisions.

That being said, it’s important to start the decision process now.  As long as we feel good and healthy and can take care of ourselves, all of these concerns can seem less important.  But NOT dealing with it now will likely result in fast decisions having to be made at a critical time which can result in potentially undesirable outcomes.  You need to ask yourself who will be there to help?  If I need a caregiver, where should I go?  If I need to consider a facility, what should I be prepared for?  And how will all of this be paid for?  And how will this affect my family?  And if you don’t have a family (or family that you can depend on), then the level of complication is elevated almost exponentially.

Elder Care Planning Can Begin At Homehome care for disabled

One of the easiest starting points is to examine your home.  If you are hoping to spend your twilight years staying in your home, then take a good look at the floor plan as if you are already using a walker.  You may have a beautiful front porch, but if there’s no way for you to have an access ramp, then it may create a problem.  Likewise, if you have a multi-floor dwelling with primary access on the ground floor, then you may need to consider a plan that eventually adds a bedroom and full bath on the ground floor.  While nobody wants to consider selling their house before they need to, depending on your individual situation, you may want to consider downsizing to a condominium in the same community so you are close to friends and familiar social activities.

In Need of In-Home Care

You may find yourself in need of in-home care.  This can be hourly, or depending on the condition, be 24-hour live-in care.  Either way, this should not be a last minute decision.  You need to make sure you and your family are fully aware of your insurance benefits.  Medicare funds can’t be used should you need Private Duty Home Care.  You should consider starting your search for long-term health insurance that will cover a large portion of these costs.

Continuing Care Retirement Communities

Another option is to consider a Continuing Care Retirement Community.  These communities may provide housekeeping, meals in a common dining room, laundry, entertainment and fitness centers.  One of the best benefits is that they are safe places to life.  If you begin to have issues with Activities of Daily Living, they can assist with bathing, dressing, medications and so on.  You will find many facilities with top quality skilled-nursing units who can care for the bed-ridden or those who may develop dementia.

Elder Care CostsLong-Term Care Insurance Policy Jupiter Fl

Only you can know how much you can afford.  But having a solid plan will help you focus on how much you should be prepared to spend in the event of any debilitating life situation.  The key is to begin the planning process now.  Today you’re OK.  How about tomorrow?




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