Reduce the Risk of Diabetes with Small Dietary Changes

Home Care Agency Palm Beach GardensMaking Dietary Changes Can Help Fend Off the Need for In-Home Care

Diabetes is no joke.  It’s difficult when you are young, but can be devastating when you get older.  The debilitating effects of diabetes in elders will most likely require them to need some type of in-home care.  When one is diagnosed with diabetes, they can often be overwhelmed by the overhaul of diet and lifestyle.  This is especially more difficult the older we get. Starting to make small changes while you are young can drastically reduce the potential onset of diabetes.

Let’s start with some staggering statistics:

  • Over 25-million Americans have diabetes.  25-MILLION!
  • If your spouse has diabetes, you have a 26% change of developing it yourself.
  • If you lead a stressful life, you have a 45% chance of developing diabetes.

Read that list again so that it can sink in.

How do you prevent it?  We’ve all heard the basic rules of good living: Lose weight, exercise regularly, and follow a low-fat diet.  However, here are some other small changes you can make to keep diabetes at bay.

Palm Beach Gardens CaregiversForget Soda

According to a new Harvard School of Public Health review, drinking just one or two sugar-sweetened beverages a day can increases your risk of diabetes by 26%.  The high-fructose corn syrup and or caffeine found in sodas can be addictive.  Also, Danish researchers discovered that drinking non-diet soda leads to dramatic increases in fat buildup around your liver and your skeletal muscles, both of which can contribute to insulin resistance and diabetes. Their consumption also led to an 11 percent increase in cholesterol, compared with the people who drank other beverages such as water or milk.

After You Eat…Stroll!

Actually, you should wait 30 minutes.  The key is that after you finish a meal, wait 30 minutes and the take a 15-minute stroll.  Muscle contractions resulting from exercise are what helps clear the blood sugar. According to a new study, the 15-minute stroll lowers post-meal blood sugar for at least 3 hours!

Find the Good Fat…and Eat It!

Things like heart-healthy olive oil can make a big difference. The Mediterranean diet that incorporates an abundance of fish and olive oil can lower the risk of diabetes by 83%!  Olive oil is a good fat that boosts insulin sensitivity.  Whole grains, nuts and vegetables also lower blood sugar and cholesterol.  As a rule, try to stick to plant-based foods and stay away from anything processed!

Get Up and Do Something…Anything!

It’s common knowledge that sitting for too long can be deadly in the form of blood clots and other conditions.  New research shows that people who sit 6 to 8 hours a day are actually 19% more likely to contract diabetes.  Periods of extended sitting slows the body’s ability to metabolize glucose.  Moving around for even two minutes every half hour ups your metabolism enough to lower glucose levels.  Try and remember to give yourself a break.  Even if it’s a quick walk around the office, the benefits will drastically outweigh the negative effects of immobility.

home care giver Jupiter FlWork (it) Out!

Strength training because our muscles are where we store most of our glucose.  If the muscles are small, then there’s less space to store it. Research recommends weight-lifting twice a week.  It also found that resistance training kept blood sugar levels lower longer than aerobic exercise.  As with a healthy diet, exercise is all about balance as well.  Staying active is important as we get older!  Don’t sit it out…WORK IT OUT!

Savor Every Bite

Don’t rush through meals!  Savor every single mouthful!  Eating slowly not only increases our ability to absorb flavor, but prompts us to eat smaller portions.  Be sure to surround yourself with people who appreciate a good meal and are not in a rush to finish every bite!  Life is too short!  Enjoy!

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