What Makes A Great Caregiver?

There Are Lots and Lots Of Caregivers, But What Makes for a GREAT Caregiver?

In the home health industry, there are thousands upon thousands of capable caregivers, but GREAT caregivers have some prime traits and work habits that allow them to rise above the rest.  Ask anybody who has experienced a great in-home caregiver and they could probably rattle off a list of qualities without even thinking about it.  Part of what we do in providing top quality in-home care is to establish the necessary qualities and then match them to the right client.  It’s a vital step to insuring a long-lasting relationship and trusting friendship between the client and the caregiver.

Empathy and Compassion

The best of the best caregivers feel an extreme desire to want to help their client/patient in any way possible.  Quality caregivers understand that when a person has a need for outside care in the home, they are most likely not in the most positive mental state.  The ability to care for them is primary, but being a friend and confidant is almost equally important. Building trust and friendship can only be achieved by a true dedication on the part of the caregiver.  Forging these relationships can also greatly reduce the stress on the part of family members who may be dealing with a family member’s home care issues from a distance. 

Patience is More Than a Virtue

When we get old, our bodies breakdown.  It’s just nature at work.  We move slower.  Everything we do becomes harder.  Patience and understanding on the part of the caregiver is critical.  A great caregiver has the ability to put themselves in the patient’s shoes.  They can understand and be sympathetic towards a client or patient who has reached a point in life where they not only ask people for help, but they NEED the help.


If a caregiver can’t be there when he or she is needed, then they can never be a great caregiver.  Of course, life has little emergencies that we all need to deal with, but for the most part, a great caregiver is a dedicated and reliable caregiver.  As a patient, you need to know that your help will be there when you need them.  If you experience a caregiver that takes too much time off or constantly has one excuse or another, then it’s time to find another caregiver.


Those in need of home care services are often in a vulnerable position.  Think about it.  You have limited mobility and your mental functions are a little more sluggish than they used to be.  Now complicate that by inviting a stranger into your home where they will have access to your private information and valuables.  It’s a very difficult choice to make.  Great caregivers are trustworthy and have the ability to win a patient’s confidence that any conversations and personal information are kept strictly confidential.  The more trust in the relationship, the easier the caring process. 

Go With The Flow

One thing is certain, home care needs will change.  Unexpected events lead to unexpected changes in care.  Great caregivers are prepared to be flexible.  They are focused on maintaining excellence in service and providing quality home care.  Be sure to ask your caregiver how prepared they are to handle changes in treatment and schedules. 

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